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My name is Jeffrey Cording.

Jeff Cording IFBB pro

I a professional bodybuilder, since the age of 52 years old. I have purchased and tried numerous supplements for my bodybuilding career, to supplement my lifestyle diet and workouts.

My wife is a nurse practitioner and pro bikini bodybuilder and I am also a Respiratory Therapist and Rehab Engineer. Naturally, we have a lot of insight about supplements and what ingredients would benefit us.

Now, we want to give back and help others choose from the hundreds of bodybuilding supplement options. It is very difficult to know what to choose and what works. We are here to help at BigGainzSupplements.

My Story – Being Fit and Over Fifty

People always ask me what my secret is. I wish I could say it was a magical pill or supplement, but it is not the easy. Let’s take my story back 15 years ago, in my forties. At the time, I was lifting weights for about 20 years, 3 to 4 times a week. I thought I was a good shape and not overweight. I always had a dream to be a competitive bodybuilder. Life was happening, and always found an excuse to put my dream on the back burner. As, I got older, in my early forties, I developed high blood pressure and diabetes from a poor diet and zero supplementation. I would like to say this is what motivated me, but it wasn’t. I was my wife “Amanda” who decided to train hard and compete in NPC Women’s Figure Show.

Living in South Florida, Amanda had a bunch of shows to choose from and decided on the Amatuer Ruby Cup in Boca Raton, Florida. She continued to train hard and did a 12-week prep and was ready for her first bodybuilding show.

The Show That Changed My Life and Probably Saved it

Finally, I was at a competitive bodybuilding show, but it was my wives. It was my first bodybuilding show. I was able to go backstage and see all the athletes up close, both men and women. Everyone had different shapes, sizes and different height but all uniquely impressive. I was Sold! I decided right there and then I would become a serious, competitive bodybuilder. It had to get serious and contend with my poor nutrition and current medical issues.

This is my Wife Amanda. I thank her for getting me started.  Yes, I am one lucky guy! LOL

Amanda Cording, IFBB

The Diet.

My starting weight was 245lbs and my body fat was double digits x 2. I would have to lose about 50lbs in 10 months. This is where you can read about my entire journey Read More– An Overweight Man to A Bodybuilding Pro Card. A Life-Changing Story. By Jeffrey Cording, IFBB Bodybuilding Pro.

BodyBuilding Is More Than Muscles.

I hope that you read my full story, and really see that I someone that not only reached their dreams, but saved their own life through exercise, lifestyle nutrition and discipline. It’s going to take exercise, nutrition and supplementation and most of all the desire to make a change.

I here to motivate you. If I can become a Pro Bodybuilder at the age of Fifty +, then others younger or older than me can do it to. I will be sharing content centered around nutrition, workouts and bodybuilding supplements to boost your muscle gains and maximize your workout routines.

Bodybuilding, the right way, can bring you the physique and wellness you have always wanted.

Supplements are not Magic Pills, But Are Vital For Bodybuilding.

As mentioned above. My team and I are here to provide the necessary reviews, and education on nutritional supplementation that will transform your life and maximize your physique, while improving your overall quality of life.

We are not reviewing magic pills, but we are recommending nutritional supplements for bodybuilding. These will not work on their own. It will take a good nutritional plan, workout regimen and the will to make a change.

If you ever need a hand or have Visit questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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All the best,

Jeff Cording, IFBB BodyBuilding Pro


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